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Zebralight H503c Floody High CRI Hoofdlamp

Zebralight H503c Floody High CRI Hoofdlamp

Productreviews (ingestuurd op 2 februari 2019):
Bought to replace my h502d. The good points:
+ new UI; I love having a short click to get moonlight mode
+ brighter, more efficient LED; I can use this one for walking the dog at night
+ high CRI; a noticeable improvement on the h502d

Now the bad point... the beam has a wide green band around the perimeter. The H502d has a very thin one right at the edge, but not really noticeable. On the h503c it’s really obvious, and distracting, especially as the centre of the beam is so nice. Not a problem for walking in the woods, but I don’t like using it up close is as a task light for DIY, hobbies etc. So I might keep my h502d after all...