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Enercig 26650 3400mAh - 30A

Enercig 26650 3400mAh - 30A

Productreviews (ingestuurd op 30 december 2016):
I was comparing them with some brillipower 80A:) 4500 mAh batteries, and these batteries had around .1v or more voltage drop then enercig on my dual parallel mech mod. With a .07 ohm coil the voltage drop was so noticeable that enercig produce thicker smoke. I wasn't hitting most of them, just testing voltage drop, but with the 2 .07 ohm coils I have, I hit it hard and it was great. I tested them with coils between .07 and .12 ohms. Putting in batteries first and measuring watts, firing and checking voltage drop. I had to use google translate here:).