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2S BMS/PCB 2MOS - 2004-D

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make a pack for my LED bicycle headlight. Review by Yves SOUSSI

1) I'm using this board to make a pack for my LED bicycle headlight. The pack that came with the headlight was crap and the charger was worse so I bought a set of 4 18650 cells, this IC, and a 2x cell holder. Now I can carry an extra set of cells on longer rides and more importantly, I can charge each cell individually and keep them balanced using my XTAR charger. And if I forget to unplug my cheap headlight after a ride, this circuit will keep the cells from dropping too low. (I've already killed 2 unprotected packs like this).

Best regards
(Geplaatst op 02-04-18)

1 bestelling(en)

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