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1S BMS/PCB 1MOS - 5530

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PCB Diagram Review by Yves SOUSSI
1) PCB Diagram Bottom Layer

You need a Li-ion battery with soldering tabs.

On Bottom Layer of the PCB, you will "B+", the pin where you connect the wire "+ " of the 3.7V Li-ion Battery;

2) On the other side , top layer, you wil find "B - ", opposite side of "B+" the pin where you connect the wire " - " of the 3.7V Li-ion Battery ;

You wind also "Protect +" and "Protect - " pins P+ and P- , these pins are the 3.7 V protected output.

No NTC on this PCM (Protection Circuit Module)..for temperature protection.

best regards

(Geplaatst op 02-04-18)
Data sheet 1S PCM/PCB 1MOS - 5530 Review by YVES SOUSSI

1) Data sheet 1S PCM/PCB 1MOS - 5530

design a new battery pack for old mobile phone

Data sheet is here http://www.pc-caps.com/yves-soussi.nsf/docs/AXDE5TYSOU?opendocument&subcat=fromli-iontoli-pobattery:designanewbatterypackforoldmobilephone (Geplaatst op 31-03-18)
3.7V 2.5A 1S Lithium Battery Protection Board Module Polymer BMS PCM PCB Review by YVES SOUSSI

1) 3.7V 2.5A 1S Lithium Battery Protection Board Module Polymer BMS PCM PCB

Product Introduction;

1.Charing Voltage:DC 4.2--5V CC/CV

2.Single Battery Consumption Current:<=6uA continuous discharging current 2.7A

3.Overcharging Detection Voltage:4.2 V+/-0.025V

4.Overcharging Detection Delay Time:150-500 ms

5.Overcharging Restore Voltage:4.0V+/-0.025V

6.Overdischarging Detection Voltage:2.75V+/-0.1V

7.Overdischarging Detection Delay Time:50-150ms

8.Overdischarging Restore Voltage:2.9V+/-0.10V

9.Overcurrent Detection Voltage:150+/-30mv

10.Overcurrent Detection Current:4.5+/-0.5A

11.Overcurrent Detection Delay Time:5ms-15ms

12.Overcurrent Restore Type:automatic restore

13.Short Circuit Detection State:external short circuit

14.Short Circuit Detection Delay Time:<=50us

15.Short Circuit Restore State:automatic restore

16.Internal Resistance:MOSPET <= 40m ohm

17.Operating Temperature Range:﹣40~+50degree

18.Storage Temperature Range:﹣40~+90degree



1.Connecting Charger Teminal adopts withstand high voltage instrument

2.Internal 3 phase overcurrent detectiton circuit (overcurrent 1,overcurrent 2,load short circuit)

3.MOS tube can control battery charging and discharging

4.Wide Operating Temperature Range

5.Low Consumption Current

Soldering Point Introduction:

1.B+:connect with power positive

2.B-:connect with power negative

3.P+:connect with charging/discharging port positive(charging port/discharging port common used)

4.P-:connect with charging/discharging port negative(charging port/discharging port common used) (Geplaatst op 31-03-18)
How to make your own protected battery for phone, MP3, ipod, palm, sony VGF AP1, any device with li-ion Review by YVES SOUSSI

1) How to make your own protected battery

(I will publish picture and a small video soon)

Purchase 18650 cell, this IC, and a 1 cell holder for phone, MP3, ipod, palm and you are done.

Overcharging Restore Voltage: 4.0V+/-0.025V MPN:

Overcurrent Detection Voltage: 150+/-30mv

Country/Region of Manufacture: China

Overcurrent Detection Current: 4.5+/-0.5A

Input Voltage: DC 4.2--5V CC/CV

Operating Temperature Range: ﹣40~+50℃

Size: 28*3.8*1.2mm

Internal Resistance: MOSPET <= 40m ohm

Overcharging Detection Voltage: 4.2 V+/-0.025V
(Geplaatst op 31-03-18)

4 bestelling(en)

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