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Zebralight SC600Fd Mark IV Plus XHP50 Floody Neutral White 18650 Zaklamp

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Amazing single 18650 EDC light. Review by J. Hafner
Daniele already wrote a very good review which I wholeheartedly agree with.
Just to add my 2 cents:

The tint on mine is absolutely perfect, the High CRI LED really makes a difference in the quality of light. I'm using the recommended Samsung 35E cells.

The new UI is great, I have configured mine to go to a Mid from single click and high from double click, to prevent accidental flashes of High when trying to start in a Mid mode. The programming is a bit finicky (I had to go to the levels by cycling from low to make it work) but once it's set up it is precisely what you want.

The floody beam works well for everyday applications, where you need most light at a close range. Still, the beam reaches a decent distance.

I am very happy with the flashlight and the quick shipping by Nkon. Thanks! (Geplaatst op 25-01-18)
Top grade Review by Daniele Berti
Thanks NKON for having brought this Cree XHP50 5000K 3-steps tint deviation 1x18650 very good ZL to me.

Very efficient driver, and perfect floody beam (no artifacts), thanks also to "frozen" lens.
Top notch PID thermal management (user can also customize tresholds) for the three highest levels.
Unscrewing tailcap by a minimal amount (1/8th a turn) ensures that the flashlight will not accidentally turn on while in your pocket and I always make proficient use of this feature. This had been made possible also thanks to the pogo pins at tailcap end.
I'm using Sony Konion US18650VTC6 as the battery of choice, as amperage draw is very high on this flashlight at the two highest levels.
Unprotected batts only, but the built in cut-off feature will avoid over-discharging them.
The battery indicator is spot-on.
Cree XHP50 led can be used in either 6v configuration or 12v configuration: 6v here, according Zebralight specs.
3-step tint variation for a on 5000K badged led means no greenish hue. In my case even the feared pinkish hue was absent.
Basing on Cree XHP50 spec sheet means the whole production of this flashlight will be placed in the 4850-5220K range.
Tint per my D700 beamshots was in the 4800K on my own sample. I guess the frozen lens introduced some tint shift from the very one of the led.
Tint shift through various levels is really negligible, if any at all, provided that you'll adapt your distance to the increase/decrease of output, obviously enough. 1/2 Lumens = 1/4 the previous distance.
Beam tint is milky like. Wood grain and foliage rendition is not as perfect and without any flattening of tridimensional view (at comparable output) as it was on the ZL Zebralight SC5c Mk II Flashlight Neutral White I've already reviewed here. In misty and foggy environments this flashlight would not be my primary choice and it wouldn't be in the snow as well, but not by a great distance.
The output is almighty: at H2 level it is in eccess of the H1 level of my SC600 Mk II L2 18650 XM-L2 Neutral White, with 1035Lm against 1020Lm.
Clip is not perfect, yet I can live with it. Fit and finish is gorgeous.
So, in the end I would classify this flashlight as top-notch in the production-grade realm.

Five stars. (Geplaatst op 18-01-18)

2 bestelling(en)

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